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About Us

Seal-Maxx takes pride in dedication to the kind of service customers expect. We are particular about the products we use in order to ensure long-term color enhancement and protection from environmental damage and chemical stains.

  • Here in Southwest Florida, where most pavers are damaged by hard rains and ongoing water retention that leads to mineral staining and mold, the Seal-Maxx solution is a solvent-based sealant — a continuous, breathable, clear acrylic to produce maximum protection and enhancement.
  • Seal-Maxx employees are trained to prevent overspray. We make every effort to prevent product ending up in pools, on sliders and/or other surfaces.
  • Any product that enters a pool will not harm pool equipment.

Our Solutions

Problems caused by inferior products and inexperience include:

  • Inferior products lead to blushing (whitening), yellowing or peeling.
  • Sealant applied to wet or damp surfaces causes efflorescence (whitening).
    Surfaces must be dry prior to application of sealant.
  • A rolled-on application results in an uneven application of sealant.
  • A rolled-on application can cause sand from joints to become glued to surface of pavers.
  • Inferior pressure washing equipment results in uneven and ineffective cleaning.

(239) 590-0093